SEO Software

SEO Software will help automate the process

If you are trying to do all the SEO for your sites by hand or just yourself, you need to investigate the various software that are available on the market today.

Any site-owner who is setting up sites for themselves or for customers knows that time is money. There are a lot of steps that you can auto-mate from adding content on a regular basis to monitoring your sites from one simple dashboard.


The amount of SEO tools out there is amazing, but you need to define what tasks you would like to automate first.

What are some of the tasks that are repetitive that you wish you had some help with. I know, when you are starting out, most people don’t support or believe in what you are doing, so it is really hard to get help at help or with people that are directly related to you.

That’s when you start thinking about Out-Sourcing to others who know what you are doing, you can find people to our-source to on Forums, popular sites such as You just have to search for “out-sourcing” and you will find and endless supply of people who are willing to work for cheap. We will look at this in another section of this site.

Improving Your SEO

You also want to find ways that will improve your SEO actions on your sites that will improve your rankings in the Search Engines.

You need understand that search engines need you just as much as you need them. Their job is to get search customers to the most relevant content as possible when someone types a word in the search bar of the Search Engine.


Type in any word in the Google Search bar, notice that their are millions of results for any term, this is what you are competing with. This means that there millions of articles, websites or content that have that term.

Your job is to improve your site and content so you end up of the first page for that content using the best methods that the Search Engines are looking for.

The search engines are looking for fresh and related content for that keyword. You want to write content that is original, hand-written content with great images or video. That is what still works with the search engines today, so if you keep that in mind, write the content yourself or hire someone to write original content that will keep your site fresh all the time.

Keep Your Site Honest & Pure

The search engines have experienced all kinds of scammers and spammers over the years and they have learned how to filter these sites out of their rankings. The big search engines have developed filters, or developed algorythms that filter out these scammer and spammer sites to keep their searches relevant and honest, so you need to keep your site as relevant and honest as possible.


The terms used in SEO for keeping your site honest is “White Hat”. On the dark side of things, people who use dishonest or shady methods is referred to as “Black Hat”.

So if you are using White Hat methods, you have a better chance of keeping your site and content found in top pages of the search engines.

If you are using Black Hat methods, you may get your site ranking pretty quick, but, you also find your site in back pages just as quick as you got it up there.

So, just be aware and don’t be tempted to use methods that will harm your site in any way. We will cover some of these methods in another page, Black Hat methods.

For a glimpse at SEO Tools, check out this site..Dominate SEO Toronto..and get some ideas on setting up your site. All the site content is original and written in a basic format. There are no Black Hat methods in trying to rank this site, but, take note, that it is a site targeting a local market using a Local Domain.